Join theatre artist Kris Alvarez on this playful creative journey. On our quest, we will explore collaboratively and independently to find true connections, true voices, while collectively creating. Get ready to move around and have a lot of fun in this class.

  • Art Strand: Drama
  • Broadcast length: 45-50 min.
  • Off camera hands-on teacher guided activity: approximately 45-60 min.
  • Grades: 4-8

Broadcast Release Dates (also available ‘on demand’ post release)

* NOTE * Check your time zone, all time posted in Sask. time.

  • January 27, 2021: Grades 4-5
    9:45-10:30am pre-recorded broadcast
    + post-broadcast activity (see Teacher Guide)
  • January 27, 2021: Grades 6
    1:15-2:00pm pre-recorded broadcast
    + post-broadcast activity (see Teacher Guide)
  • January 28, 2021: Grades 7-8
    9:45-10:30am pre-recorded broadcast
    + post-broadcast activity (see Teacher Guide)

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Artist Biography: Kris Alvarez

Kris Alvarez is a theatre artist and a Regina monologue. Over the past 12 years, Kris has had the privilege to bridge diverse communities through theatre creation & play.

You may know her from roles as an artistic associate of Curtain Razors Theatre, as a performer (Bad Blood, Carmen Angel), and with her own work (What Kind of Brown Are You?). Inspired by ‘growing up brown’ in 1980s Regina, its most recent incarnation, Burnt Sienna with Kris Alvarez, is a talk show/variety show “with a little more colour” returning for a 2019-20 series.

At Globe Theatre School, as lead teacher & Young Company director, she implemented their first-ever Early Years programming. Currently at Fadadance, Kris introduced a similar movement course for the very young, Wee Folk. In 2018-19 Kris completed a residency with Common Weal Community Arts’ Respond to Racism, building strong connections with Regina Open Door Society and Immigrant Women of Saskatchewan. Also, Kris directs a young people’s troupe, Maudeville, at Artesian Performing Arts where she offers creative community programming (school break camps, holiday celebrations, family events).