If you are interested in hosting one or more broadcasts, please share the following with your colleagues, principal, and central office administration to obtain agreement as to your school’s possible participation. Contact the LIVE Arts program manager jay@livearts.ca to express interest and/or request information. Note: You do not have to be an arts specialist to host a broadcast. Enthusiasm, however, is essential.

Why host a LIVE Arts broadcast?

  • Your students will be excited and engaged when a professional dance, drama, music, visual, film, or literary artist comes to your school to share his or her knowledge.
  • Your students will represent their school on-air to a large peer group from across the province.
  • You, as host teacher, will meet the artist and program manager ahead of time to provide input into a curriculum based hands-on arts activity or project that will appear in the teachers’ guide accompanying the broadcast. Don’t worry, the program manager, not the host teacher, will write the guide.
  • Other schools in your division and across the province can watch your broadcast via the LIVE channels live.edonline.sk.ca.
  • The archive of your program will be available to teachers in Saskatchewan through the Ministry and LIVE Arts websites.
  • You and your colleagues will receive support and gain experience using technologies to interact with other teachers and students in your division and beyond.

How does it work

  • LIVE Arts pays all related artists fees and teacher release time for orientation and prep. 
  • The commitment for the host teacher is 2-4 hours of prep and 1 1⁄2 hours of student supervision on the day of the broadcast.
  • Broadcasts range from 30-75 minutes ‘on air’ followed by ‘off air’ hands-on activity with the artist. Each broadcast is aimed at a different grade level.  Other participating teachers in the host school should accompany their students during their broadcast and activity time.
  • Host schools have the opportunity to choose from a number of potential artists, programs, and broadcast dates. The host school will also help select the participating grade levels.
  • Each participating school is asked to host at least one guest artist who will conduct 4 sessions for different grade levels in your school. 2-3 programs are broadcast from a school on a broadcast day. Grade 2, 3, 4 on one day, for example, and then perhaps Grade 5, 6 on another day.  Programming dates are flexible and the program partners are happy to work directly with the school to set up next year’s broadcast dates.
  • The broadcast technology would be set up for 2-4 days on site in your school.  A resource classroom or common room space works best for a broadcast so different teachers and students can access the space.
  • The LIVE Arts program partners work with your school division’s technology staff to set up the broadcast space using a video conference system.
  • Host schools need a minimum internet connection of 5MB.

This program is supported by the Saskatchewan Arts Board and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education.