Artist selection

We are invite artists to submit proposals for LIVE Arts Education Program throughout the year.  We are always looking for more artists to create and deliver programming across Saskatchewan.

Guest artists must fit SK Art’s definition of a Professional Saskatchewan artist and meet at least three of the following criteria in a manner appropriate to their art form:

  • The individual has received training and/or acquired knowledge and experience in a manner typical for their art form.
  • The individual has begun creating a body of work since the conclusion of that training.
  • The individual has been recognized as professional by others working in the same art form.
  • The individual has received compensation for their artistic work at a level consistent with those of other professionals working in the same art form.

The LIVE Arts program hires artists to plan distance learning programming for several different age groups (Grades 1-9), in collaboration with the program manager and educational partners.  The artist is then hired to present the live broadcast programs, generally four programs over two days, on location in the host school.

Artists must be able to  create program content independently (with support from the planning team and program manager) for a written guide and on-air presentation.  Broadcasts feature a biographical element that may include images and video provided by the guest artist and hands-on activities led by the guest artist.

On-air presenting expectations

  • Present effectively on live camera (the studio uses several cameras, a computer input and wireless mikes to broadcast classroom activity)
  • Provide appropriate content for multi-media presentations to share images, video and demonstrations based in their artistic discipline
  • Present examples of their art practice through performance or professional documentation of their work in an age appropriate manner

Include in your proposal

  • Contact information and brief bio
  • Short description of proposed program content- performance/demonstration and how it relates to your current practice
  • Outline the activity that teachers will do with students during the one hour teacher guided hands-on session (this could include students researching, writing, creating artwork, physical movement)
  • Any innovative suggestions you have for program delivery
  • Special technology or facility requirements (do you use Mac or PC based technology?)
  • Material and facilities requirements for teacher guided classroom activity

Submit proposals


Most broadcasts consist of 30-45 minutes of live broadcast over the Ministry of Education’s LIVE distance learning system, followed by a 30 minute one-hour teacher guided hands-on activity developed and demonstrated on air by the guest artist.  Artists work with a teacher and students from the appropriate grade level during the broadcasts in one of the host schools from across Saskatchewan. The guest artist remains accessible to participating teachers for questions and feedback via a web-based interface called Adobe Connect during the hands-on session.

Artist pay

The program pays for two to three planning days, the two presentation days, plus travel, accommodations and per diems.  The LIVE Arts Manager is on site to help manage technology and act as a liason between the guest artist and the staff and students at the host school.