Dynamic performer, Scott Richmond will be presenting a series of original and classic songs to get you moving to the music. Students will be engaged in active listening by responding to verbal, musical, and visual cues.

Patterns, actions, and compositions will be explored collaboratively through collective dance and vocal expression. In addition to dancing, moving, and singing, students will also act out some songs to help bring the stories to life. Prepare for laughs, confusion and order, like any community dance. Get ready to stomp and holler. In this program, we are going to do things a little differently. We are encouraging some cross-grade collaboration. See the attached teacher guides to coordinate your classroom.

  • Art Strand: Music & Dance
  • Broadcast length: 45-50 min.
  • Off camera hands-on teacher guided activity: approximately 45-60 min.
  • Grades: 1-8


Broadcast Dates

* NOTE * Check your time zone, all time posted in Sask. time.

  • November 20, 2019Grade 7-8 (involving Grade 1 or 2)
    9:45-10:30am live broadcast
    + post-broadcast activity (see Teacher Guide)
  • November 20 2019: Grade 5-6  (involving Grade 3 or 4)
    1:10-1:55pm live broadcast
    + post-broadcast activity (see Teacher Guide)
  • November 21, 2019Grade 3-4  (involving Grade 5 or 6)
    9:45-10:30am live broadcast
    + post-broadcast activity (see Teacher Guide)
  • November 21, 2019Grade 1-2  (involving Grade 7 or 8)
    1:10-1:55pm live broadcast
    + post-broadcast activity (see Teacher Guide)

Thank you to Rouleau School for hosting these broadcasts.

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Teacher Guides and Resources

Artist Biography: Scott Richmond

Scott Richmond is a Saskatchewan-based folk/Americana artist best known for his authentic and original style of songwriting and his dynamic live show. Growing up on a cattle and grain farm near the French-speaking town of Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan, the primary sounds of his youth were French, English, and country radio, setting him on a unique path to becoming the artist he is today.  

At 18, Richmond enrolled in the French Education program at the University of Regina, and it was during his time there that he began to write songs and perform publically. With some of his first original songs, he won the 2008 Gala fransaskois and the 2008 Chant’Ouest, French-language singer-songwriter competitions in Saskatchewan and Western Canada respectively, which earned him at spot at the prestigious Festival International de la Chanson in Granby, QC later that year. 

Following the completion of his degree, Richmond spent the next two years of his life teaching in Medellin, Colombia and travelling around Latin America. During his time there, he continued writing music and performing regularly in coffee shops, bars and theatres. 

Upon his return to North America, Richmond landed in the Southern United States, spending a year in Carrboro, North Carolina, where he worked as an assistant horse trainer and continued to write and perform music. The following year, he headed down the road to Nashville, Tennessee where he met and worked with some of Music City’s finest musicians, and eventually recorded his debut album Come What May at EastSide Manor Studio with producer/engineer Gabe Masterson.

Eventually, Richmond made his way back North, making a home in Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan and, following the release of the album in 2014, spending the next few years performing in bars, theatres, and festivals throughout parts of Canada and the United States, including showcases at BreakOut West and Folk Alliance International Music Conference. The album was included in several Top 10 lists for best folk album of the year, and Kerry Doole of Exclaim Magazine described it as “stunningly compelling” and “a perfect vehicle for his literate and gritty folk meets country material.”

Since then, Richmond has written dozens of new songs and he is currently set to release his much-anticipated follow-up album, recorded at the famous Sound City Studios in Los Angeles, California with Grammy award winning producer/engineer Kevin Augunas.