Spontaneous Story with Jayden Pfeifer (Grades 1 – 8)
The program will be available on March 24/25

Join theatre artist Jayden Pfeifer as we explore the skills of improvisation! Jayden will work with the students to exercise their improv muscles. Practice availability, listening, accepting, supporting, and creative expression in a supportive group environment. This active and spontaneous storytelling workshop will teach the elements of basic improv story structure. You will learn how to build narrative, invent fun and unique characters, and insert plot twists into your stories!

  • Art Strand: Drama
  • Broadcast length: 45-50 minutes. You can pause the video anytime you want.
  • Off camera hands-on teacher guided activity: approximately 45-60 min.
  • Grades: 1-8

Program Dates available after:

  • March 24, 2021 : Grades 1-4
    9:45-10:30am pre-recorded broadcast release
    + post-broadcast activity (see Teacher Guide)
  • March 24, 2021: Grades 5-6
    1:30-2:15pm pre-recorded broadcast release
    + post-broadcast activity (see Teacher Guide)
  • March 25, 2021: Grades 7-8
    9:45-10:30am pre-recorded broadcast release
    + post-broadcast activity (see Teacher Guide)

*Note, you can watch these broadcasts anytime on Ecast after these dates. Please register here.

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Teacher Guides and Resources

Teacher guides will be available soon. Please check back before the broadcast release date.

Artist Biography: Jayden Pfeifer

Jayden Pfeifer is a Regina-based improviser, teacher, and performer whose work in improvisation, as creator and performer, has spanned the last 20 years. He was the host and creator of Red Hot Riot with Jayden Pfeifer, a comedy variety show which ran 7 seasons in Regina, and hosts TALKIES, a monthly movie-commentary show at the RPL Film Theatre. He teaches improvisation at the University of Regina, where he recently earned a Master’s degree studying Improvisation and Group Facilitation. Much of his creative and community-based work is rooted in collaborative partnership with movement and improvisation artist Johanna Bundon. Jayden is also an Artistic Associate for Curtain Razors Theatre, and most recently appeared in their productions of Live Duet, Bad Blood, Carmen Angel, Burnt Sienna, and Untitled Peter Tripp Project.