Welcome back to LIVE Arts. LIVE Arts is a dynamic distance education arts program for students in Grades 1 to 9. The program supports the Saskatchewan Arts Education Curriculum and is delivered via the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education LIVE Network (CommunityNet).

Select a program from the menu above and register access. After you register, you will receive instructions and a link to view the program.

Teachers sign up for grade-specific programs, then professional artists connect simultaneously with teachers and students in multiple schools across the province of Saskatchewan for a LIVE experience with arts education. Information about the grade level, arts strand, guest artist, date and time and program guides are listed on this website.

Learn how broadcasts can be watched ‘live’. We are also happy to announce that more than 50 programs are available on demand through ROVER for students grades 1-8. Just search “LIVE Arts” on ROVER.

LIVE Arts is provided at NO COST to your classroom, thanks to our program partners.