Brad Bellegarde/ InfoRed and David Nelson/ Emotionz will explore the four main elements of Hip Hop culture (MCing, DJing, Graf Writing and Breakdancing). They will demonstrate how the art forms of Hip Hop have the ability to educate and connect people with Indigenous history. Students will have the opportunity to practice rapping, beatboxing and graf writing during the broadcast, and will also write a song collectively.

  • Art Strand: Music
  • Broadcast length: 45 min.
  • Off camera hands-on teacher guided activity: approximately 45-60 min.
  • Grades: 3-8

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Thank you to Caswell Community School, Saskatoon for hosting these broadcasts.


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Artist Biography: Brad Bellegarde and Dave Nelson

Brad Bellegarde/InfoRed: CBC Future 40 Award Winner & Neechie Gear Role Model Brad Bellegarde aka InfoRed has been a featured artist at events such as Aboriginal Music Week in
Winnipeg, Manitoba, APTN’s Aboriginal Day Live and Vancouver’s Olympic Games celebrations. A member of Little Black Bear First Nation, Brad grew up in Regina, SK and starting writing rhymes at the age of 14. A true believer that education is the new Buffalo, he presented his work to educators from around the world at an International Indigenous Education conference in Temuco, Chile, South America. In 2012, InfoRed performed for His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall during their Royal visit.

David Nelson/ Emotionz: Vancouver native “Emotionz” has been an integral part of the west coast music scene the last 15 years. Recording with such artists as DJ Quik, Stylust Beats, Souls of Mischief and many more has helped him carve out his own unique style and sound. He has combined rap, beatboxing and DJ’ing and has given 2000 performances in 20 countries. He recently completed a collaborative project “Orbits” with reggae singer/producer Gisto. In 2017, he is touring Internationally and releasing new videos and EP’s with “Sleeveless Records” and “Wandering Worx”.

A rappers dream catcher – Emotionz, 2017

excerpt translated to Cree by Randy Morin


kitâcimowinowa wásakámi iskotêhk isîkâtêwa

Our story’s around the fire are called cyphers

atâmihk askîhk nikamowina êkwa pwâtisimowina osci ê mahtâwahk wiyáw pêkiskwêwin masinahikêwak

Underground jams & pow wows of sacred body language writers

ki maskosêsimwak ôhi bboyak owaskwêwinowawa osihtâwak wânihtamowin

Our grass dancers are bboys who’s moves enhance trances

Ni nikamowinána nikamona tâskoc mistikwaskihkwa pahkêkina ki wahkômâkaniwak ocihcêwâwa itôtahkik

Our chants rap like drumskins that our ancestors hands did

ki ahcahkiminowak otêhêwâk êsi nîmihitocik

The spirits heartbeats are the  rhythms for break dancers

êkwa kâ kî nakotikoyahkik ki wahkômâkaniwak naystaw ta pimohtahikonawak ta kocihtâyahk

And our lost loved ones always guide us to take chances