Kevin and Nyle will explore indigenous stories and storytelling. Students will write their own stories and use them as the basis for a visual artwork that combines text, image and colour.

  • Art Strand: Visual Arts
  • Broadcast length: 45 min.
  • Off camera hands-on teacher guided activity: approximately 45-60 min.
  • Grades: 3-8


Archived Broadcasts

Your archived broadcast options include workshops for Grades 3-5 and Grades 6-8. Please download the appropriate grade level post-broadcast guide (below) and email us to learn more about how you can access our broadcast archives! liveartsaskatchewan @

Thank you to Sylvia Fedoruk School, Saskatoon for hosting these broadcasts.


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Teacher Guides and Resources

Teacher Guide Bison Truths Grades 3 4 5

Teacher Guide Bison Truths Grades 6 7 8

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Artist Biography: Kevin Wesaquate

Kevin Wesaquate is from the Piapot First Nations located in Treaty 4 Territory. Kevin is employed as the Aboriginal Arts Leader at SCYAP (Saskatoon Youth Community Arts Programming) and as Artist/Writer-in-Residence at Saskatoon Polytechnic. He is the founder and Artistic Director of the Indigenous Poetry Society, and has a diverse artistic practice that includes writing, painting and performance.

Artist Biography: Nyle Miigizi Johnston

Nanaboozhoo. Wiishkoonhseh Miigizi Nini. Maemaegwissenhsag N’Doodem. Neyashiingnigming N’Doonjiibaa. My name is Whistling Eagle Man. I am from The Little People Clan of The Chippewas of Nawash First Nations in Ontario. Sources of inspiration in my work include my apprenticeships with Storytellers, woodland painters and the traditions of my Anishinaabe culture.  As an artist, co-founder and Master Artist at Inkdigenous Tattoo & Art Studio in Toronto, I want to spread the medicine encompassed in Anishinaabe worldview, stories and imagery.

In a time of reconciliation, it is important to share the Indigenous legacy of stories and teachings about love, kindness, fairness and care for Mother Earth. We each have a responsibility to share our gifts, and I have the gift of being a Storyteller and a Visual Narrator.